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All Roads Lead Home

by Nicole Borg was published in 2018 by Up On Big Rock Poetry Series an imprint of Shipwreckt Books Publishing Company.


Palm Reading

I can tell you things,


she said, taking my hand,

tracing the lines, following

the shape of my palm,

narrow lengths of my fingers.

This isn’t like science.

I’ll tell you what I see—

You have the protection

of air, you will always

be protected—that’s in your palm

and fingers. You are open,

a good listener, you can keep a secret.

This line parallels your lifeline—

someone watches over you.

Marriage and children are here,

this cluster. You have a star shape,

a bullet mark near the center

of your palm—that’s important.

Your right hand

is the life you’re living,

your left is a carnival mirror—

the life you could live,

if you were brave enough.


Street Artist, Balboa Park

He balances the stones

one on the next,

small atop large,

then small, then large

repeating the pattern


until the tower is toddler-sized

and perfectly straight.

The silence of stones speaks.

Their balance and heft


for his hands

that read desire in rock

unmindful of gravity’s restraints.

He works from his knees,

hero pose, Virasana,

torso balanced above strong thighs

as he measures the weight of a stone,

finding its center,

nudging it into place

atop a rock round as a nickel

and almost as flat.

They are bound

to Newton’s laws

but also to those of God.

They rise into the blue day

like prayer.

He wonders

at the perfection of rock,

unyielding yet malleable

beneath his steady hands

that recognize hope

in what forgives

the least.